Software Development Services

Because technology is developing so fast, the human race is dependently growing on using it.

Software development is an important part in our lives, and every thing that we use is alive because of a software operating system. From now on, we can not stop increasing the software function. 

Nowadays, the software development market is so crowded, and yet, they need new developers. For that, most of the companies are willing to pay for software courses, if there are potential workers. 

All the companies followed a 6 stages-pack – which was created in India – in order to succeed in a software world. It is known as a ‘ software development life cycle ‘ and is crucial when you own a big IT company. Those 6 stages should be an important course for everyone who desires to become a true developer. 

#1 – Planning – nothing works out if you don’t have a pre-established plan. Here you can make a S.W.O.T analyze to your future creation. You need to find out if your software will fulfil people needs.

#2 – Analysis – this stage is for when you already created a demo version of your software. You have to analyze if there is any bug or it need additional features in order to work better. The best way you can find what’s missing, is making a simple online survey for your potential customers. If your target group is too large, try picking those that will benefit the most from your software. 

#3 – Design – the way your app or your final creation looks, is an important factor for your buyers. Most of the clients love something that is understandable and easy to use. The best way you can create a software that fulfils this preference, is to use tone of colors that can be combined. Also, make your landing pages work good in order to get positive feedbacks. 

#4 – Development and Implementation – developing a software starts when the recorded data is going on in the background. After everything is set, here comes the implementation stage. At this stage, you can conduct a pilot test to see if there are any flaws you have to correct. This pilot test should run for at least 1 week, in order to see if there are timeless bugs or what else. 

#5 – Testing – this stage represents potential buyers trying the developed software. That means you can run a focus-group with strangers ( so that you can get an objective feedback ) that they will try your creation. They will also tell you if there are any problems with it.

#6 – Maintenance – Once the software passes through all those testing programs, and all the issues are have been resolved, the maintenance stage comes through. This will keep your software updated, in order to solve the future bugs. 

Those stages are followed by any IT company in order to develop the greatest software in the world. Creativity should be a sub-stage, derived from the planning stage. In a market so crowded, developers need a little bit of creativity so that they can run a successful software.